Who we are

Stone represents the identity of the whole Puglia’s area. Furthermore, over the last few years we have observed a progressive and significant stone rediscovering, considered as important design element.

The revaluation of this fascinating natural material has been related to different sections: first of all building trade for constructions of floors, ceilings, walls, both for internal and external applications, then with a huge expansion towards design elements like columns, fireplaces and so on.

FloorArt is a company specialized in stone manufacture. It is a company with a constant increase and that it is expanding, a company that can offer its professionalism and creativeness thanks to the great passion for the world of stone and all its uses in building trade. FloorArt works with professionalism, with constant attention to our customers and qualified and concrete answers for them, utilizing high quality level natural material. Our aim is to provide a safe, quality product, useful for different customers’ requirements. During all studying and design phases we have always fixed in mind which is the goal of our work: to rediscover and to revalue natural stone considering, at the same time, the most recent architectural and design references.

Natural stone, in fact, has been and remains one of the most important and fundamental characteristics of our artistic and architectural heritage, in particular in case of Puglia’s heritage, and our work wants to contribute to strengthen the extraordinary beauty of this material. As, in fact, we know natural stone characteristics very well we can valorize this material, allowing it to express a superior quality.

Our target is also to maintain natural stone characteristics, as stone has been used from the ancientness as fundamental material to build historic centers’ houses and make them precious and, for this reason, it has become a unique and priceless design element over the centuries. Our company works in a dynamic and active way: our staff works in a lively way, available to listen and to help our customers, prepared to innovative approach with new processing, in order to obtain original solutions and creations.



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