For centuries until today stone has been used as raw material for constructions. This material has been always used both for internal and for external applications, due to its strong resistance to lower and higher temperatures. Its resistance and inalterability over time allow to the works realized being a high worth solution.

FloorArt works in stone processing and it is specialized especially in floors and coatings area, both for external and internal applications. Stone used, scrupulously selected to maintain high quality standard, is appropriate for flooring, walling coatings for external and internal applications, columns and also to coat fireplaces, stairs, steps and many others applications. Traditional stone coatings can be realized with irregular or squared slabs, using different types of material. Our company concentrates our competencies especially realizing floorings and coatings with “antiqued” stone, a product with high value and finishing.

Antiqued floor reproduces, in fact, all the fascination and sobriety of floors realized since ancient period maintaining the beauty of the ancient and stone natural characteristics. Our company realized the antiqued stone by using a process called BURRATURA that is used to improve stone surface without changing its characteristics. The result obtained, with irregular edges and surface, reproduce aging effect and human agency.

FloorArt generally works with two different types of stone, both really adapt for flooring and coating:

  • Trani's stone especially the type called "bronzetto",
  • Jerusalem's stone, with "gold" and "grey gold" types.

Trani's stone, known with the commercial name of “Apulia beige”, is a tradition Italian stone, coming from the south of Italy, from Puglia region that represents a very important area for stone processing. This stone is extracted from quarries located in Murgia and has been used from ancient ages for buildings and coatings, due to its versatility, resistance and incredible beauty, visible also today.

Jerusalem's stone (both gold and grey gold type) comes from Jerusalem, ancient cradle of Mediterranean civilities. Also in this case we are speaking about a valuable stone, in great demand also today for incredible beauty and for its colors, perfect in case of classical or country projects characterized by an undeniable style.

Stone sizes much used in our company can be visualized in the specific sections, depending by application type:

  • Floors,
  • Coatings,
  • Stairs and steps,
  • Baseboard

We are able to realize also OPUS INCERTO mosaic floors, a floor type indicated for wall coatings, both in case of external and internal walls, fireplaces and in all applications in which it is required resistant and modeling materials. Our activities are addressed both to construction companies and private citizens and our professionalism and experience is available for Italian and foreign customers. Our company guarantees the best that market can offer and its primer aim is to understand, respect and satisfy our customers’ demands and to guarantee an excellent quality product. What we made and offer is a product that gains more value as time goes on, never dated or tiring, a choice that represents a real investment for the future.




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